An Exploration of the Sacred within…

To understand and appreciate how the erotic force moves within us and between us, we must transcend logical analysis, go beyond our cultural infatuation with reducing all life to what is measurable, scientific, and literal.
David Steinberg

Sacred Sex Coaching for Men - Rate: $110hr.

sacred sex coaching for men
David started working with men during the men's movement in Austin, Texas in the 80's. Working with your intentions, David can facilitate a co-creative session to fulfill your concerns or goals. Some of the methods for use in a session are Shamanic guided meditation, Mari-El, mirror and breath work, Chi Nei Tsang and Sexual Kung Fu. Sacred-Sex Coaching can also be a facilitated exploration to enhance your self-pleasuring or the way you share communion with another.

Suggested explorations can include;
- Activating energy centers through breath and self-pleasuring
- Remove physical and emotional blocks to sexual wellness
- Clearing patterns in relationships and prosperity

- Body movement to activate energy for healing
- Self-pleasuring to achieve higher erotic states
- Direct sexual energy for self-healing
-Mastering premature ejaculation
-Cultivating sensuality in maturity
-Sex Magic and meditation
-Navigating New Energy
- Holistic approach to ED (these techniques are not an overnight fix.)