About David O'Quinn
Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services-David O'Quinn

"Our history, when observed consciously, can lead us to profound healing both within and with others along the way."

In 1977 David had an akashic (past-life) reading that described his life as a sacred temple priest which he would later understand to be an early life as a Sacred Intimate.

Several years ago David took an interest in the men’s movement, in particular, men’s spiritual development.  Since then he has participated in different groups and facilitated six men’s groups that he started. While at the University of Texas, David began researching alternative therapies for AIDS and other degenerative diseases. David started his holistic practice in 1983, giving psychic readings and facilitating individuals to open to their deeper spiritual wisdom.  His interest in chronic illness led him into the field of hypnotherapy, regression, and Neuro-Linguistic Programing where he began working with clients coping with loss, trauma and difficult health issues.  
David is passionate about massage and began doing massage professionally in 1998.  He has over 1,000 hrs in structural/therapeutic training and is licensed in the State of Hawaii MAT(#6140). In 1987, at a Midwest Mens Retreat, he experienced his first Taoist Erotic massage. The experience was transformational and he vowed to learn to share the experience with others. David’s training in erotic bodywork includes extensive training from the Body Electric School where he attained his certification as a Sacred Intimate.  In 2004, he completed the Sexological Bodywork certification training from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, located in San Francisco. David began his massage training through the Body Electric School. His teacher, Chester Mainard, turned out to be the facilitator at the Midwest Men's Retreat in 1987-"life has a way of coming full circle."