Anal Massage for Health and Pleasure
Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services-Butt and Prostate Massage
Anal & Prostate Massage

“If I had five minutes to relax the entire body (given there is no previous trauma to the area) I would massage the anal sphincter.” - Chester Mainard

The land down under is an area that holds both great mystery and taboo. Upon reflection many of our earliest memories associated with our butt may include disapproval and shame which, aside from the lack of visual reference, would be why some may feel disconnected from this part of their anatomy. As infants we are dependent on others for survival and that survival can become intwined with approval. Potty training is a common example . Our dependence ties shame with survival. As we get older, words like “shit” and “asshole” when directed at us, even in humor, can mean shame and humiliation.
Our root chakra, centered in this area, connects us to the earth, This chakra helps us stay grounded, focused and consciously creative. When we feel fear our anal sphincter is the first to tighten. Its resistance to relax, while being massaged, can be an indicator of the tension or trauma imprinted in the physical body. Highly innervated, the anal sphincter can be the seat of great pleasure and/or relaxation regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Anal massage can be included in an erotic bodywork session except the
Taoist Erotic Massage. David takes extreme care to be gentle with this area.
  • Rosebud massage is an external anal massage that massages the perineum, sphincter and surrounding tissue. If you are unfamiliar with anal massage this is the place to start.
  • Prostate massage is an internal massage to include the deeper muscle tissues and prostate gland. Prostate massage, when approached gently, can be beneficial to your health.* The prostate has often been acknowledged as the male “G” spot. David will only do internal massage when the anal sphincter relaxes enough to invite entry.
  • Instruction for self-anal massage, safe anal play or hygiene can be apart of a Sacred Sex Coaching session.

For your pleasure it is recommended that you clear the bowel before choosing an internal anal massage. For your protection gloves are used and care is taken to ensure that lubricant bottles are not contaminated. A thorough washing of equipment with bleach water and antibacterial soap follows each session. When requesting an anal massage please allow sufficient time in your massage.

*The health benefits of internal anal massage can include; 1) relaxation to the internal muscle tissue, 2) increased circulation and flushing stagnate fluids in the prostate, 3) increased circulation to the perineum and penis for enhanced erectile function.

"Everything I need to know about someone I can gleam from their asshole. Some people think that eyes are windows to the soul, couldn't be more wrong." - from Wilfred, an FX TV show