Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services-Service Through Touch
Service Through Touch

Service Through Touch is a specialized therapy for the elderly, the ill and those in hospice care. David learned this technique through Irene Smith, a nurse and massage therapist who developed this program from her many years of working with hospice patients in San Francisco. Nurturing touch is often overlooked in a time when a person may need it most. This level of touch takes into account the complex emotional needs of those facing the loss of independence, the uncertainty of a dying body and the highly traumatized states of being. The goal of this work is to be present, not to fix the patient but to honor where they are in their experience and to help them be comfortable. It is important to offer this service early, while the patient has conscious choice and make it a regular part of the treatment plan so that it builds a feeling of consistency and a sense of security.
As a Service Through Touch practitioner, David is able to work a in health care setting, with patients in a hospital bed or a wheel chair. David’ has additional experience as a case manager for Malama Pono Kauai HIV/AIDS Foundation, a hospice volunteer and a service provider for Kauai Center for Holistic Medicine and Research.

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