Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage

Whether your body is sore from work, hiking, travel or just in need of pampering-at Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services, David has a style to fit your body’s needs.

David is passionate about massage. He developed an acute ability to listen intuitively to the body through several years of energy work and craniosacral therapy. “ I became interested in massage and learned to incorporate touch while doing regression and trauma related therapy on clients. I found that massage and even light touch helped to ground my clients after a session. When I started to learn Sacred Intimacy, it became clear that a foundation in massage would be very useful.” After practicing massage since 1998 with over 1,000 hrs. of massage training, David has the versatility to fit most any request.
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What You Can Expect “I will always take time at the beginning to find out, for example, what you want to experience, where you may be experiencing pain or tension and the depth of pressure or style you are looking for. This interview will not take away from your massage time. During your session I welcome feedback especially if I am dong something in your session that is not working for you. I am intuitive but not infallible.”
The massage space is clean and comfortable. A bathroom is adjacent to the massage room. The massage table is made by Earthlite, framed in wood with extra padding and width for your comfort. For outcalls an aluminum Astrolite table is used. Top quality silky smooth Biotone lotion and oil are used that are water soluble to avoid staining clothing and sheets. Soft flannel or jersey sheets cover the table. A top sheet is optional and your choice. Your safety, comfort and peace of mind are a priority. A large library of music is available to create the right mood. Crystals, stones and incense helps to keep the energy clear. Unless you specify a preferred massage style, David’s general style is slow and deep allowing your tissue to surrender knots and tension. You will always receive the full time you request for your session. As a professional what you share or experience in the massage space stays within your session. “I look forward to working with you.”