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Massage Therapy Rate: $85/hr. except for Chi Nei Tsang ($100)

bodywork and massage for men
Whether your preference is to feel a deeper massage or one that is fluid and relaxing, David has developed an integrated style of bodywork that includes intuitive listening.*

Years before David became a massage therapist he worked with clients using regression therapy and other techniques to clear trauma which he now calls
Core Therapy. He found that after the session a gentle and reassuring form of touch helped the client to ground and integrate the work they achieved. Experiences like this helped David to realize that a foundation in massage would be a very useful medium for his Sacred Intimate practice. David has been a full-time massage therapist since 1998. With over 1,200 hrs. of massage training, David has the versatility to fit most any request. Unless you request a specific massage style, your massage session may be an intuitive combination of the following;

Intuitive listening - is an extrasensory perception acquired through several years of energy work and a Craniosacral technique called "unwinding."
  • Crystal, Sound & Reiki Therapy -$85/hr.
    crystal healing,badywork for men
    David has a very deep connection to rocks and crystals. For nearly 40yrs. he has worked with sound and light mediums. Displayed in the massage space are a variety of crystals & stones both in a natural state and polished for use in therapy. "They also help to balance the energy within the room."

    Reiki* and Energy medicine techniques are usually combined with other modalities when requested or by intuitive guidance.

    Healing Touch was David's first introduction into energy bodywork when it was first taught to nurses and health practitioners many years ago. David later took a certification course in Mari-El. In the early 90's, David completed Reiki Levels I and II.

    *Reiki is a universal healing modality whose origins are derived from ancient Japan. Dr. Usui introduced Reiki to this country.
    Reiki is administered by "laying of hands" on the client or student requesting to receive the life force energy that flows through the practitioner. The word Reiki is made from two Japanese words - Rei, meaning "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki which is "Life force energy." Reiki is a very safe energy and can be received through your clothing.
  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massge - $85/hr.
    Deep Tissue massage is the most requested therapeutic style in David's practice. Over the years, David has learned that deep bodywork combined with active listening, allows the muscle tissue to relax without unnecessary pain or pressure. To accomplish this rhythm, the strokes may be slow, paused or the direction may change depending on how your tissue unwinds from the tension stored within. Deep tissue massage is often an intuitive combination of Structural Integration, Sports massage, Thai, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Myofacial Tissue Release during your table time.

    Benefits of Deep Tissue massage - to clear muscle fibers of knots and toxins while releasing deeply-held patterns of tension. This massage can be profoundly relaxing and afterwards it is recommended that you hydrate well and refrain from vigorous activity. Occasionally during deep bodywork you may experience early memories or emotions. If this occurs, breathing will support the release. If further support is requested, David has years of facilitation experience along with training in Gestalt, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mari-El.
  • Hawaiian Lomi Massage - $85/hr.
    Lomi is the traditional massage style of the Hawaiian Islands. Lomi - Lomi, or Lomi massge as it is typically called, is Hawaiian for massage. The style and method of training vary by indigenous families who have passed these traditions down for many generations. David's style of lomi comes from the melding of three family traditions - Master Auntie Margaret Machado and Sylvester "Papa K" Kepilino, both from the Big Island. The third is temple lomi - a sensual rejuvenation for both body and soul. Each tradition is unique and the melding of these traditions allows for a rhythmic fluid dance using hands and forearms that allows the energy to move like the ocean. The depth of this massage comes from the fluid movement of tissue and the healing energy channeled thought the session.

    Hawaiian lomi works to increase circulation while removing unwanted toxic lymph from the body. Lomi can help you feel both relaxed and invigorated. This satisfying massage is preformed with fractionated coconut oil. A very sensual massage, it combines well with erotic bodywork.
  • Craniosacral Therapy - $85/hr.
    You may request a full session of Craniosacral therapy however, David sometimes will close a massage session with Craniosacral therapy when time permits as it is a way to facilitate stillness in the mind. David is trained in the Shamanistic approach to Craniosacral therapy. This approach is gentle, yet effective because it requires active "listening" to the body and its subtle movements. These movements occur from the breath, muscles, cranial fluid pulses, heartbeat and blood flow. The Shamanic training of active listening has served in other forms of bodywork that David offers.

    This type of therapy combines the subtle levels of the emotional body and the interactive dance with the physical through a process of unwinding. Unwinding is the backing away or releasing of physical tension and/or emotional patterns. The body begins to return to homeostasis.
  • Swedish Massage - $85/hr.
    Swedish massage is an excellent choice if you want to relax with light to medium pressure. David has had several class hours of training in Swedish massage.

    Developed in the 1700's by a Swedish physician, Swedish massage, often referred to as "relaxing massage," is probably the most common massage style in America. Swedish massage uses five basic movements to increase circulation while removing toxins form muscle tissue; effleurage, petrissage, percussion, friction and vibration. Joint movement and stretching are also common techniques in Swedish massage. Your Swedish massage may also include techniques from Ayurveda and Lomi.

    Benefits of Swedish massage may seem obvious. Like Hawaiian lomi, Swedish massage is a relaxing massage and can establish a sense of well-being. Like other relaxing massage, it works we'll to increase circulation and remove toxins. Swedish combines well with erotic bodywork.
  • Chi Nei Tsang - $100/hr.
    Chi Nei Tsang was introduced to this country by Master Mantak Chia. * Chi Nei Tsang literally means "working the energy of the internal organs." CNT is a form of applied Chi Kung. This massage works the deeper visceral core muscles and releases stuck emotional energy within the major organs and the abdomen.

    In addition to using the techniques and teachings that incorporate the five element system of Chinese energy medicine, David will also use his facilitation skills from Core Therapy when a deeper exploration is called for.

    Origins of Chi Nei Tsang
    Chi Nei Tsang originated in the mountain ranges of Taoist China over a millennia ago. It was used by monks in monasteries to detoxify, strengthen and clear the body. Focus is upon the internal organs within and around the abdominal region. An opening practice is to “open the wind-gates” which opens the primary energy channels around the navel. A typical session progresses by clearing “negative winds” - clearing trapped energy from the major organ groups through the naval channel. This is a participatory experience including affirmations, visualizations, breathing and awareness. Because Chi Nei Tsang addresses the visceral structures, it can help to reshape and restructure the abdominal cavity therefore improving elimination and stimulating both the lymphatic, immune and circulatory systems. As a practitioner David has witnessed additional benefits in reducing or eliminating pain to back, shoulders and the neck.

    You can learn more about this holistic massage by viewing the article
    Chi Nei Tsang at

    * - Master Mantak Chia might sound familiar as he is also the author of Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.
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Other info about your massage appointment..

- When you make an appointment please do not block your phone number if you are calling. Unknown calls may not be answered. To make an appointment David will need your name, a contact phone number, what type of session you want for proper setup and where you are staying on island for directions.

- David will always take the time before your session to find out what your looking for in your experience. This typically will not cut into your session-time unless your questions become part of the session itself (ie; you have a health question that leads into a teaching segment of the session). During your session, feedback is encouraged especially if something is not working for you or you need, for example, a change in massage pressure. "I am intuitive but not infallible."

- The massage space is kept clean and comfortable. A bathroom is adjacent to the massage room. The massage table is made by Earthlite, framed in wood and is wider than most tables for your comfort. For outcalls an aluminum Astrolite table is used. Top quality mediums are used such as Biotone oils or lotions. Fractionated coconut oil is used for lomi. Soft flannel or jersey sheets are used to cover the table in winter and cotton sheets may be used at warmer times of the year. A top sheet is optional and your choice. Your safety, comfort and peace of mind are David's priority.

- What you share in the session is not shared outside the space unless you do it. You will always receive the full session time you requested.