Kauai Massage & Intuitive Services-Conscious Breathing
Conscious Breath Therapy

Conscious Breathwork is different from the breath style taught in rebirthing. The breath is used consciously to attain an intended state of consciousness. Utilizing a different breath technique to avoid the cramping occasionally experienced in rebirthing, conscious breathwork can transport your awareness into a deeper place of wisdom. As it clears the mind’s tendency towards chatter a direct path is opened to the emotional body where nonjudgemental witnessing can occur. This breath process can be used for healing, restoring emotional wellness, and reconnecting with your body.  Conscious breathwork is the foundation of Sacred Intimate work and other core therapy. 

Breath Therapy can open the pathway to:
Higher states consciousness by clearing the mind while creating calmness in the body.
Circulate Ching Chi (sexual chi) energy through the entire body.
Establish grounding and focus.
Facilitate a pathway into the body’s data base to release blocks and restore balance.