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Spirit work through the body


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I make it a point to schedule a session of bodywork with David every time I visit Kauai, and it has become one of the highlights of my journey.  No two sessions have ever been the same, and that has as much to do with David's intuitive sense of what I need and my own development since the previous visit. David is alert and extremely present for the treatment.  He always achieves just the right balance between sincere compassion and careful objectivity.  At the completion of each session, I am in a renewed state of peace and openness.  David gives of himself completely during the treatment, and that is a rare quality in bodyworkers.  Would I recommend him?  Why do you think I keep returning?

David is an extremely gifted and intuitive person who is able to tune in quickly and follow through in a very gentle and transformative manner.  I felt very peaceful in his presence.  My session with him was filled with healing energy, transmitted in his hands and his person.  He gives a relaxing and personalized massage as part of his healing work.  I would recommend him without hesitation.  When in Kauai he is a man you will want to meet and work with.

I wanted to thank you for the session you gave me when I was in Kauai. I have felt much more at home in my body since and have less pain. It was a very special time for me and moved me very deeply - you are a very talented healer.

My partner Kurt and I were in Hanalei and scheduled a massage with you, we both raved about it for a number of days. I was wondering if you had any contacts here in the SF Bay Area who do the type of massage you offer, or who offer a different style but as professional and relaxing as the massage you offer. I truly enjoyed your massage.

You helped me so much to gain control over my life as I saw it in the sort time I was with you, I so much appreciate what you did for me.  Mentally I came to grips with a lot of old baggage and physically I came away refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling just so wonderful!  I really wished that I could have had more time to enjoy some of the massages and features that I had to rush through because of my time schedule. Thank you again for all your help and time!  I hope to have an opportunity to enjoy another similar session with you sometime in the not too distant future!