Kauai Massage and Intuitive Services-Sacred Intimacy
Sacred Intimacy

You may be asking what is a Sacred Intimate?  Sacred Intimacy is a path of the sacred lover - honoring the wisdom of the body and experiencing this sensual/erotic energy as a pathway to the Divine.  David believes we can use our bodies as a means to reach higher states while honoring our bodies as a sacred vessel for enlightenment. He sees your body as a sacred gift and what is more sacred than the gift of self-loving or loving another.“My clients are from all sexual orientations. To be in service to this work is very rewarding and I do it with loving integrity.”

What You Can Expect:

  • I offer this work in loving intent as a part of my sacred path to end shame and to share with you that your body is a sacred gift.
  • I am discrete and my intent is to create a safe place for you to relax and explore your potentials.
  • This session is about you - learning to receive and understand your body at a more intimate level.
  • My goal for your erotic session is to create a nurturing, safe environment for you to more deeply experience sensual/sexual pleasure. As complex sexual beings, you may or may not achieve orgasm/ejaculation during our time together.
  • I do my best to maintain a clean environment for you and so please show-up for an erotic massage bathed.
  • I encourage you to ask for what you want. If it is not something I provide I will say so in a loving respectful way. For example, I will be clothed in your session unless you ask otherwise. Since this is about you, if you want mutual touch then the invitation must come from you-only safe-play will be a part of your session.
  • This is a conscious experience, one that offers a deeper inter-personal connection to the self and so please no recreational drugs and alcohol.

More On Sacred Intimates - In early times when people were more in touch with their bodies many practiced sacred rituals to honor the earth, one's crops and the gods and goddess. Sacred Intimates were the priests and magicians of these sacred rites. Their calling was to channel the love of the god or goddess for those in need. Their duties included healing the sick, comforting the dying and those left to grieve. They performed sacred rites to honor the passing of the seasons, blessed the harvests and planting of crops as a part of their service to the community. More importantly they were the sacred lovers, the teachers of the wisdom of the heart. Unlike today, sexuality held an honored place in the spirit of the individual.