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David has been a practitioner of the intuitive arts and transformational therapy since 1983. David initially started by giving tarot card readings in his 20’s. Later he learned to work with channels/mediums by acting as guide and supported them to stay grounded. Facilitating clients through regression therapy became the next progression. After additional training in NLP (Neuro-Lyngruistic Programming), hypnotherapy and further development of his intuitive skills, David began teaching client’s psychic development and body self-awareness. Currently David offers his intuitive skills as a transformational process. He believes that at this time of consciousness all of us are our own masters and so each experience is both a teaching and sharing. If you choose to work with David you will be encouraged to grow and take charge of your awakening process in a co-creative way. The menu on the left is a list of services offered.

What You Can Expect
“My intension is to create the experience you are looking for based on my experience and intuitive awareness. I will always take time at the beginning of your session to assess your goals or intensions. I believe we co-create the experience. Part of my goal in the session is to connect you with your ability to receive your own answers. Your session is interactive which facilitates you to self-awareness and empowers you. As a professional, what you discover or experience in your session stays in your session.” The healing space is a comfortable, clean room in David’s home. A bathroom is adjacent to the therapy room. For readings comfortable chairs are brought in. If you want to record the session please bring your own recording device. The newer iPhones have a built in application that works well.